Last week, Hutton Manor Care Home in Pudsey was abuzz with excitement as we celebrated World Book Day. Our care team and residents fully embraced the day’s spirit, showcasing fantastic costumes and sharing endless laughter.


Special thanks go to our incredible Activity Coordinators, Rebecca and Emma, who, along with the rest of our staff, went above and beyond to bring the joy of books to life. It was heartwarming to see our residents, brimming with enthusiasm, participating in the day’s activities. 


We witnessed a fantastic parade of characters including the mischievous Gangsta Granny from the works of David Walliams, the elusive Where’s Wally, the charming Minnie Mouse, a dedicated Police Officer, an elegant Egyptian, the brooding Wednesday Addams, the adventurous Little Red Riding Hood, a quirky Mad Scientist, the sweet Strawberry character from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a vibrant Mexican, and the enchanting Maleficent, among others.

Laughter and Joy

The laughter and joy on this day were truly contagious, underscoring the magical power of storytelling. This wonderful event was not just a day of fun, but also a reflection of the deeper benefits that reading and engaging with stories have, especially for older people in care homes. Engaging with literature and storytelling can significantly enhance the quality of life for our elderly residents, offering them mental stimulation, a sense of connection, emotional comfort, and an enjoyable escape into different worlds and experiences.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed to making World Book Day at Hutton Manor an unforgettable event. Here’s to fostering more fun, imaginative, and book-filled days in the future!

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