At Shipley Manor Care Home, we believe in the power of recognition and celebration. Thanks to our Home Manager, Sharon, our amazing care team is often celebrated, enhancing our close-knit community spirit. Each Wednesday marks a special tradition known as “Wot’s It Wednesday,” an initiative led by Sharon to acknowledge achievements and commend the hard work of our staff.

These weekly celebrations not only contribute to sincere team building but also significantly benefit the residents of Shipley Manor. It’s a day where everyone comes together to share successes, express gratitude, and strengthen our bonds.

In true “Wot’s It Wednesday” fashion, this week’s event was themed around St. Patrick’s Day. The care home was filled with joy and the spirit of good luck, embodying the festive essence of this beloved holiday. And, as has become a cherished tradition, the celebration was sweetened with more of our exceptional cake, courtesy of our talented kitchen team.

These gatherings underscore the sense of family that defines Shipley Manor. They serve as a reminder of our commitment not only to the well-being of our residents but also to the welfare and morale of our staff. It’s these moments of shared joy and recognition that highlight the compassionate and supportive environment we foster.

Join us in celebrating the heart of Shipley Manor – a place where care, community, and recognition go hand in hand.

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