This month, Hutton Manor Care Home in Pudsey, Leeds, brought the community together for a heartwarming Children in Need fundraiser. Residents, staff, and their families embraced the spirit of giving, engaging in a day filled with creativity and fun. The main event featured residents showcasing their artistic flair by crafting adorable Pudsey bear badges, adding a personal touch to the fundraising efforts.

The entire Hutton Manor community rallied behind the cause, with staff contributing generously throughout the day. In a delightful twist, everyone, including residents, joined in the festive atmosphere by wearing their favourite pyjamas and dressing gowns. Laughter echoed through the halls as the home transformed into a cosy haven for the day.

Activities coordinators Rebecca, Emma, and Crystal played pivotal roles in orchestrating the day’s events, ensuring a lively and inclusive atmosphere. Their dedication to making the day special for the residents shone through, creating memorable moments for everyone involved.

The turnout was impressive, with a large number of residents, staff, and their families participating wholeheartedly. The highlights of the day included residents proudly displaying their handmade Pudsey bear badges and the joyous sight of staff and residents alike, donned in colourful pyjamas.

Food and drink flowed freely as the community came together for a shared cause. The warmth of camaraderie and the spirit of giving permeated the home, making the day a true celebration of compassion and generosity.

Hutton Manor’s unique selling points, including a commitment to community engagement and resident well-being, were on full display during this event. The home’s ethos of creating a vibrant and supportive living environment was evident in the smiles and laughter that filled the space.

The generosity of the Hutton Manor community did not go unnoticed, as they raised just under £100 for Children in Need. This impressive contribution reflects the dedication of the staff, residents, and their extended network of family and friends.

Hutton Manor Care Home, through its Children in Need fundraiser, exemplifies the power of unity and compassion in creating meaningful connections within the local community.


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