St Mary’s Care Centre in Anlaby is thrilled to announce that Joy Puckering has been honoured with the prestigious Home Manager of the Year award. This recognition is part of the annual St Mary’s Group awards, which aim to celebrate outstanding leadership, unwavering commitment, and compassionate care within the care home industry.

Since her arrival, Joy Puckering has exemplified leadership excellence at St Mary’s Care Centre, facing challenges head-on with remarkable positivity and resilience. Her commitment to fostering a cohesive, supportive, and motivated team has revolutionised the centre, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where employees feel appreciated and residents experience the highest standards of care.

The celebration kicked off with an elegant champagne reception on the evening of February 29th, paving the way for an evening dedicated to recognition and camaraderie. Dressed in their best, attendees savoured a fine meal, enjoyed music, and shared in the joy of collective accomplishments.

Kirsty Crozier, the Managing Director of St Mary’s Group, commended the honorees, saying, “Each of our finalists and winners represents the immense dedication and hard work that are crucial to our mission. We treat every individual with the utmost care, ensuring that our values shine through in our actions and make every home under our banner exemplary.”

Under Joy’s leadership, St Mary’s Care Centre has seen significant enhancements in both operational efficiency and community spirit. Her approach has fostered a culture of respect, teamwork, and empathy, setting a benchmark for excellence in the care home sector and garnering admiration from peers and the wider community.

This year’s competition was robust, with Louise Lambert from St Mary’s Lodge and Sharon Burton from Shipley Manor Care Home also displaying significant leadership and commitment.

The St. Mary’s Group extends heartfelt congratulations to Joy Puckering for her deserved accolade and expresses gratitude towards all finalists for their hard work and substantial contributions to their communities.

Zaneta Balcerak Awarded Prestigious Home Leader of the Year by St Mary's Group at the annual care awards. Zaneta works at Hutton Manor Care Home in Pudsey.Zaneta Balcerak Awarded Prestigious Home Leader of the Year by St Mary's Group
Cheers, the residents and their loved ones at St Mary's Riverside in Hessle are generally accommodated to celebrate special memories.Celebrating Special Moments at St. Mary's Riverside Care Home in Hessle