Some of the residents of Hutton Manor Care Home, accompanied by Activity Coordinator Becky, ventured out for a delightful day in the heart of Pudsey, engaging with the community and reminiscing about the rich tapestries of their lives.

During their excursion, resident Audrey and Becky visited the local Greggs for a warm cup of tea. It was here that Audrey shared tales of her impactful years in Nairobi where she taught English to children, and her thrilling safaris in Kenya. Audrey’s stories of adventure and cultural immersion brought a sense of wonder and inspiration to all who listened.

Meanwhile, resident Fred, accompanied by Becky, stopped by the Crossed Shuttle Pub where Fred enjoyed his favoured half pint of bitter. Over drinks, Fred recounted his years as a draughtsman and designer, bringing laughter and nostalgia to the conversation. His love for “Rosie Lee” and a good pint of bitter was a cheerful highlight of the day.

“These outings are not just trips outside our home; they are an opportunity for our residents to engage with their community, reflect on their experiences, and share their history with others,” said Helen Fowler, Home Manager at Hutton Manor. “It’s important for us at Hutton Manor to keep our residents connected to the local community and active, which is integral to their well-being.”

Hutton Manor is dedicated to enriching the lives of its residents through community engagement and personal storytelling, ensuring that every day is filled with new memories and joyful experiences.

For more information about Hutton Manor Care Home and its community activities, please contact 01138 314176 or Email: [email protected] 

About Hutton Manor Care Home:

Located in the serene town of Pudsey, Hutton Manor Care Home offers a compassionate and stimulating environment for its residents. With a focus on community integration and personalised care, Hutton Manor strives to provide experiences that celebrate the individual stories and contributions of its residents.

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