Residential and Residential Dementia Care at St Mary’s Riverside is a source of immense pride for Home Manager Laura Barnsley and our dedicated care team. But what exactly does good dementia care entail?
In our carefully designed environment, we prioritise creating a homely atmosphere tailored to our residents’ unique needs. You’ll find a range of engaging activities, appropriate memorabilia, clear way-finding, and sensory objects thoughtfully placed throughout our facility. Each bedroom features familiar photos and signage, providing crucial orientation cues, while similar items grace our corridors.
Why Consider a Residential Care Home for Dementia?
People with dementia may find a residential care home to be the best option for several reasons:
As dementia progresses, their needs may increase, necessitating specialised care.
After a crisis, such as a hospital admission, their condition may deteriorate, leading to a need for continuous care.
Their family or home caregiver may no longer be able to provide the necessary support.
In some cases, 24-hour supervision becomes a requirement.
Choosing the Right Care Home
Selecting a care home can seem daunting, but finding the right one can profoundly impact the social and overall well-being of the person with dementia and everyone involved. Planning and involving individuals with dementia, considering their preferences, can guide the decision-making process.
Here are some steps to help you make an informed choice:
  • Create a list of potential care homes that match your criteria and values.
  • Develop a checklist of factors that matter to you and the person with dementia, including staff attitude, accommodation quality, and available activities.
  • Evaluate the warmth and interest shown by the staff in your relative.
  • Assess the living conditions and amenities.
  • Consider the range of activities available and whether they align with your relative’s interests and needs.
Checking Quality Ratings
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspects care homes to ensure they meet the necessary standards. St Mary’s Riverside is proud to be recognised as an ‘outstanding’ care home following its CQC inspection. Additionally, reviews from families and healthcare professionals have earned us a remarkable 9.9 rating on
At St Mary’s Riverside, we believe in providing exceptional residential and dementia care in an environment that prioritises comfort, well-being, and dignity. We invite you to explore our home and experience the quality of care that sets us apart. 🏡
For more information on St Mary’s Riverside, speak to Laura and her team: Tel: 01482 690038 Email: [email protected]
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