Hutton Manor Care Home in Pudsey brought a wave of excitement and colour to their Woodland Suite, a dedicated area for residents living with dementia and memory issues, with a vibrant Fashion Parade event this past week.

Organised by Activity Coordinator Becky, the Fashion Parade was not just an ordinary day; it was a day filled with laughter, music, and fashion that resonated deeply with both the participants and spectators. Residents showcased their unique styles and personalities, strutting down the red carpet in an array of dazzling outfits, from psychedelic get-ups to elegant gowns and whimsical costumes.

“Activities like these are vital for our residents, especially those in the Woodland Suite,” said Becky, who also played the role of the hostess. “It’s about more than just keeping busy. It’s about creating moments of joy, helping maintain physical and mental wellness, and providing our residents with a sense of purpose.”

The parade featured standout moments, such as Reece in a striking red suit, Wendy in her flowing red gown, and Charles, who stole the show and won the event in a stunning red dress and high heels. The music of “Dancing Queen” filled the air, adding to the lively atmosphere as residents danced and celebrated.

Residents and visitors expressed immense enjoyment. Doris, a resident, commented, “This was so much fun,” while Brenda added, “I’ve never laughed so much.” A visitor noted, “What a fantastic idea; everyone looks amazing.”

Such events are crucial for those living with dementia as they provide mental stimulation and physical activity, which are key to managing symptoms and improving overall health. Engaging in meaningful activities can reduce feelings of isolation and help in maintaining motor skills and coordination, which are particularly important for this group.

“The Fashion Parade is just one of the many ways we aim to enrich the lives of our residents,” said Helen Fowler, Home Manager at Hutton Manor. “By continuing to offer tailored activities, we strive to enhance the quality of life for our residents, ensuring they remain active, happy, and connected to their community.”

Hutton Manor Care Home is a leading care home located in Pudsey on the outskirts of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Hutton Manor is committed to providing high-quality care and continues to innovate with new activities and programmes designed specifically for the needs of its residents with dementia and other memory issues. Known for its comprehensive care and exceptional community engagement, the care team strives to create a nurturing and vibrant atmosphere for all its residents.

For more information about Hutton Manor Care Home and the person-centred activities it offers, please contact the Home Manager at the home, 01138 314176 or email: [email protected]

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